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film reelsThis site is for you, the prospective film and video makers. Here you will find information on everything film and video related from what to buy to how to make your videos better.

Mark Apsolon is the most informative video guru on the internet today. He is a teacher, a spokes person, and a trusted friend. Mark Apsolon has informative useful knowledge on many subjects.

coinMark has recently branched out and is now offering knowledge in a new series, that concentrates on coins and their history. Check it out and learn something new every week about this popular collectable.

About Mark Page

Mark Apsolon , Video Guru, Youtube Expert, Greenscreen teacher, The Contest Man, The Cool Coin Guy,


Mark Apsolon- The Spokesman

Mark Apsolon is a host and spokesman for several different shows and companies on-line. If you need a honest guru who bring excitement to your viewing audience, then Mark Apsolon is the guy for you.


film reelsMark Apsolon -
The Film & Video Producer
Mark is a accomplished videographer and as a business man he concentrates on many aspects using his creative ablility including video marketing and advertising. He's keeping up with current trends in video production online and in the media whether it's tv movies or online videos. He also watches trends and experiments with different styles of production.

He's not a huge impersonal production guru guy and he is far from just another guy with a camcorder. Mark has made a name for himself as a professional videographer and has been working in the field video for over 8 years. Mark prides himself on being a independant guy with big talent and tons of skill. He shoots/edits all his own work with professional equipment, and has an eye for lighting and visual composition. Mark is a full production video guru and he does work for hire so feel free to contact him concerning television commercials, events, corporate productions or any other type of video work.

Mark Apsolon is more than just a one man show, like every great man there's a woman beside them. He works with his wife in a number of ways. Mrs .Apsolon is Graphic Designer, the couple work together on everything from shooting a two camera events, creeating DVD covers and graphic images for videos and/or web sites.


target logoMark Apsolon -The Man

I must admit Mark is something of an intellect. When Mark takes interest in something he learns all that he can about it researching
reliable sources, reading books, taking classes and more. His home contains thousands of books . While he is best known on the internet for his lessons on video production Mark is a renaissance man, having completed two bachelors degrees, and countless papers on different subjects. Mark is an entrepreneur having sustained several business endeavors though out his life. Mark has several ideas for beginning a new series on one of his other many areas of interest, so stay tuned to his youtube channel to see what he has new planned for your entertainment value. As always Mark appreciates your support on youtube and within the film community. Show support by subscribing to the Markapsolon youtube channel also rate and comment on all the videos you can, and he’s of course on My space so friend him there, he’s just getting started on twitter he’s blogging, helping with forums
and coming up with new ideas for shows. Please also take time to checkout his tutorial DVDs. By purchasing his tutorial DVD's you help keep great series like Mark Apsolon's tip and tricks going online for free.



Mark Apsolon -The Numismatist

It would seem that Video in particular has become an avenue for him to show his many varying interests. Recently he has diversified his youtube channel to feature not only video production tutorials but also offers a Numismatic (Coin collecting) show as well. He's found that his coin collecting show has given him a chance to show his talent and skill as Film maker but also gives him a chance to research history and learn more about one of his favorite past times.

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